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[Video comes on at a slightly awkward angle showing mostly arms and the front of some one's shirt, with a workshop just barely visible - and somewhat tilted - in the background. After a few attempts its finally straightened, and Sokka steps back, looking not only tired (and fairly dirty) but somewhat sad.]

Zuko isn't here anymore... I waited a few days to see if he'd come back to the apartment, but Hawky had me check this... D-Comm location thingy and it says he's gone.

Sorry to anyone else who knew him and didn't get to say goodbye. But if he's back home, it's okay...

[he lets out a sigh, looking away and pulling a hand over his hair, pausing for a second to fix his ponytail which has fallen out a bit with whatever he's been working on. He tries to look a little more chipper, but it doesn't work as well as he'd hoped considering he's just been left alone with no one from his world there anymore.]

So uh... if anyone needs a sword or something, come see me in Neon. Zuko helped me get this place started so I'm not going to quit making weapons any time soon.

[there's a faint, thoughtful pull on his lips like he might just say more, but instead he just stands and turns the comm off.]

.Two Boomerang. : [Audio]

So uh... I guess I should introduce myself or something. Hawky said that's what people usually do, but I wasn't exactly awake when I showed up here.

I'm Sokka. Uhm, if... anyone knows Zuko? Yeah, we're friends. From the same world.


... shut up, Hawky.

This is so awkward it hurts.

Okay, you know what-!!

What? Come on, out with it, ponytail!

[the two of them basically dissolve in to loud arguing and Sokka forgets all about his little introduction post. Oops.]

..One Boomerang.. : [From Rise Bracer]

I think I'm using this thing right...

So. Uh. My buddy Sokka here? Kinda... landed really hard. And his leg looks really bad. Aaaand he's passed out. I think there might be something wrong with him, and I'm way too small to carry him.

... help?

.IC Contact. .Siren's Pull.

Uhm, yeah... Sokka's not here right now!

Leave a message, I guess?

.App. .Sirens Pull.

Player Information

Name: JeniOctavia
Age: 26
AIM SN: jenioctavia
email: jenioctavia@gmail.com
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes, several.
Bonus: How did you hear about Siren's Pull? zuzukins

Character InformationCollapse )

.App. .Digital Dive.

Name- Jeni

LJ- jenioctavia

Email address- jenioctavia@gmail.com

AIM/MSN/YIM (optional)- jenioctavia

Character, series- Sokka, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Character journal- warriorswlftail

Character type- Main

Digimon partner- Hawkmon > Orcamon > WereGarurumon > AncientGarurumon

D-Comm colours/symbol- Blue/White with a boomerang crossing a black-bladed sword

Imported from another RP?- No

Character InformationCollapse )

How's My Flying? =D

How's My Driving Flying?

This is your standard, typical HMD post for Sokka of Avatar: The Last Airbender as played by jenioctavia for the RP communities digital_dive  and sirenspull .

If you have anything to say, positive or negative, please drop it here. Try to keep the flames to a minimum, as general rudeness and the like will be otherwise ignored. Be nice to me, I'll be nice to you, no matter the crit.